Dianabol 10mg x 100


100 x 10mg tablets
For oral use

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Dianabol manufactured by AGP. was considered being highly anabolic, androgenic, with little progestational activity.

There is no other way to describe Dbol other than by hailing it the “King of Mass!”  Dbol is hands down the most popular and effective size and strength gaining compound currently available.

Fast acting Dbol was designed for the athlete that desires to become bigger and stronger in the shortest possible time and who is more concerned with size and strength than with a leaned out look.  Although the formula for Dbol is not known to cause severe bloating or water retention, it most certainly has been known to generate some incredible muscle pumps and pack on pounds of high quality dense muscle.

If size and strength is what you are craving, Dbol is precisely what you are looking for.  Scientifically engineered to consistently deliver superior results, Dbol was formulated to help you reach your goals by.


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